CIG New Year theme activity week in 2023 in Nyon   [06.02.2023]

CIG New Year theme activity week in 2023


The Spring Festival is one of the most traditional and culturally distinctive festivals of the Chinese nation. It contains important implications and missions, and is a reflection of people's yearning for a better life and gratitude for the present. If you want to experience the beauty of traditional Chinese folk customs, then the Spring Festival will be the most dazzling and authentic Chinese traditional feast.


In 2023, CIG presented a beautiful Chinese New Year feast to local Chinese, foreign friends who are familiar with Chinese traditional culture, and friends of different ages who are full of curiosity at the commercial center "la Combe" in Nyon.


The event began on January 18, 2023. We posted the rabbit year poster and set up a traditional Chinese-style courtyard, with spring couplets, lanterns, luck characters and rabbit mascots. 


The four-day event maximized the display of Chinese New Year:


Traditional Chinese New Year flower arrangement, tea performance and tasting. CIG teacher Zhihua YANG brought the tea table into the venue, from visual and auditory to appetite, to experience all aspects of Chinese flower art, Chinese ceramics, Chinese tea and tea utensils. She also introduced the characteristics and feelings of Chinese literary aesthetics to the public.


The film of regional characteristics of traditional Chinese New Year let us introduce to our friends various entertainment activities during the special period: "lion dance performance, New Year's Eve dinner preparation, wishing for a new start, and the profound implications of going home for the New Year, etc."


The arrival of spring is celebrated with music. Guzheng performing artist Qin XU joined us in this New Year activity week, allowing all friends to enjoy a music feast that is both elegant and grounded. The beautiful and gentle guzheng sound reminds people of the arrival of spring.


Write your own couplets to represent good meanings for the spring festival and put them on your door. The arrival of spring is palpable. Young calligrapher Shengnan WANG was present at the event, offering calligraphy art that was both visually appealing and interactive.


Write the character for "fu" (blessing), and blessings will come. We introduced the shape and meaning of the most symbolic character of "fu" to everyone, as well as its writing method, and explained why this oldest and timeless script always remains youthful.


The year of the rabbit brings good luck and joy. In 2023, the Chinese year of the rabbit, we prepared various handmade activities such as "rabbit" paintings, "rabbit" origami, "rabbit" paper cutting, etc. Both children and adults had a great time playing and making things.


Make a lucky bracelet for your zodiac year to bring good luck. Ziwen LIU, a hand-knitting enthusiast, introduced the exquisite art of Chinese knot tying to the public, showcasing the beauty of Chinese knotting art.


During the event, CIG teachers from the Nyon campus invited students and parents from all classes to the venue, teaching classes on the origin of the Chinese New Year, stories of the year of the rabbit, calligraphy, painting, and other special activities, allowing our CIG students to deeply feel the richness of the Chinese New Year while they are in Switzerland.


The above activities were very popular. Participants, whether children or adults, were so absorbed that some stayed for all four days, not only enjoying themselves but also bringing friends and family along to participate in the activities.


The four-day New Year of the Rabbit theme activity has come to an end. CIG wishes everyone a prosperous and auspicious year 2023!

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