CIG Director Jun CHU: China's ecological environment has changed significantly   [20.06.2022]

CIG Director Jun CHU: China's ecological environment has changed significantly


On 17th June 2022, CIG Director Mrs. Jun CHU received an online interview with CCTV Chinese Global Broadcasting to discuss the development and changes of China in the past ten years.



Mrs. Chu felt that the most significant development in China in the past ten years was the change in the ecological environment. Clear waters and lush mountains are our invaluable assets, which is also the consensus and action of the whole Chinese society.


Beijing is the capital of the double Olympics. Mrs. Chu said that she was honored to attend the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. She also watched the whole process of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in Switzerland. A Swiss TV station “Léman Blue” interviewed 2 teachers from our Chinese school, who exchanged their views on the Winter Olympics. Léman Blue also broadcast live coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympics.


Mrs. Chu noted that Switzerland is a country with very good ecological environment, and the Swiss people are proud of its air quality and green mountains and waters. She felt that in recent years, Switzerland and China have had exchanges at various levels, also about the ecological environment. According to Swiss TV statistics, from 2018 to 2019, the number of participants in ice and snow sports in China reached 224 million. From 2015 to 2019, the number of participants in ice and snow sports increased by 40% in China. Furthermore, the number of ski resorts has also increased greatly. These changes also show the improvement of China's ecological environment. In Beijing today, blue sky and white clouds have become the norm. The development of environmental governance in the past decade has achieved unprecedented results.


The stability of the ecosystem has also increased significantly in China. In the past ten years, the degree of public participation has also been unprecedented, and ecological civilization has become a common cause for everyone to participate in and build together. Mrs. Chu said that she is very proud of being a Beijinger.

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